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About Us

At Illuminus, we exist to help older individuals live with dignity, vibrance, and love. It’s at the heart of who we are. Our beginning traces back more than 50 years to the founding of Marquardt Village, in Watertown, Wisconsin where the faithful dedicated themselves to caring for seniors. Continuing their kindness and love drives us every day. Through proven strategies, smart stewardship, and collaborative leadership, we help each organization grow and succeed in its own way to brighten the lives of others. We know the unique concerns of Midwestern communities and the organizations behind them. We apply the knowledge gained by our executive team who draws on more than 40 years of senior living and healthcare knowledge. At Illuminus, we know that we all possess a brilliant capacity for caring—for the love of life and of each other—that knows no bounds. We believe each of us is made to live fully, to fight against the dying of the light. At Illuminus, we honor the light. We honor humanity’s indomitable spirit— not just the will to live but the will to thrive.