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Your gift goes a long way–providing countless opportunities for lives to be lived more fully, vibrantly, and independently.

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The Foundation makes a difference in the lives of residents, veterans, families and others we serve in the local community. It helps bridge the gap between what Medicare and Medicaid pay and the actual cost of care. It supports life saving technologies such as automated external defibrillators as well as items that make everyday easier and more enjoyable for residents.

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"Hundreds of our employees help tend to the needs of our residents, from making meals to maintaining their homes to providing care and support. Our staff are dedicated and serve our residents patients day in and day out. Our Grateful Hearts program is another way to give back to the community with a testimonial for the care you've been given. Sometimes when people feel grateful for their care they also make a donation to the Staff Appreciation Fund through the Grateful Hearts program. Because of gracious gifts, staff receive special meals, treats, flowers, snacks, Christmas gifts, gift cards, etc. Our staff are the heroes of our organization."
— Grateful Hearts

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We’re sincerely grateful for your contributions. Everything we do is made possible through the generosity of donors like you. We appreciate the support of our local partners, area churches, organizations and businesses. With the growing population of older adults, the foundation is more important than ever.

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